Questions To Ponder Upon

Few questions for recruiters to ponder upon-

1. Does being an interviewer give you the right to typically gunfire candidates in the name of giving a stressful interview.

We may call ourselves as an MNC but through our attitude and culture we show others a clear mirror as to what we are actually following in practise rather than preaching through our Vision, Mission and Values.

2. Is there a kind of invisible glass ceiling that obstructs people who have explored their individuality as an entrepreneur from enjoying the right to go back to the corporate world.

3. As an employer are we trying to prove our point accross that if one has been a successful entrepreneur, he or she has no right to go back to the corporate world.That going back is only the solution for failures. It seems they want to mock at entrepreneurs going back to the corporate world as clear F.A.I.L.U.R.E.s

We all have different missions in life and different life situations and this decision is something to be left to the individual to decide as to whether he or she wants to come back or stay as an entrepreneur the whole life.

Interview is not the platform to stage our Bolly wood’s 60’s famous movies-COURT SCENE.

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