Be Self Sufficient Right Now!

2019 was our best year ever! We all were flying with our dreams and we were looking forward to 2020.We also had a great start of the year but as we moved to February, the writing was on the wall! Trainings, events, conferences, seminars started to be cancelled. We lost so much in mere few weeks of lockdown. Most of the Freelance Trainers actually had no work since then and many lost or are living in the fear owing to the risk of losing their jobs around the world. The world needs more self-sufficient entrepreneurs RIGHT NOW! If the fear … Continue reading Be Self Sufficient Right Now!

Powerful Personality

“PPP-Powerful Personalized Presence” 1. How much time (hours per day/ per week) do you spend on communication at work? 2. How much of your time (in hours) is spent- a) talking and b) listening? 3. List at least 3 medium of communication which you regularly use? 4. Do you have any preferred medium/ mode of communication? 5. Are you generally prepared when you seek to communicate? 6. Do you seek feedback on your ability as a communicator? 7. Do you welcome feedback that is unsolicited 8. Are you able to handle negative comments? Pick-up any 10 cards which describes your … Continue reading Powerful Personality

Life Book

Priti’s Life Book Priti Sharma is a Founder and Core Consultant, iTrain Plus which deals in Training and HR Process Consultancy. Priti has more than 15 plus years of Hospitality and Corporate experience both in operations as well as training and development. Priti is a unique personality and is multi-talented as a Wellness and Life Coach, Certified Basics- Hypnotic Healing Practitioner, “Mata Nirmala Devi”, Chakra Meditation and Nichiren Buddhism practitioner since last ten years. She had a rare opportunity to be personally coached and mentored by compassionate Armenian lady Mrs. Reva puri, owner of first Kolkata Gym open for both … Continue reading Life Book

A TO Z For Dairy Farming

A-Admit the best milking animal in the herdB-Breed animal at right ageC-Care for timely deworming and vaccinationD-Drying of the milking animal at right timeE-Educate the staff for dairy farmingF-Follow the culling of dairy animalsG-Go for green fodder productionH-Hay making to be followedI-Involve personally in dairy businessJ-Join for extension activitiesK-Kharif season, preserve the green fodderL-Low milk yield dairy animal must be attended on top priority basisM-Milking animal to be given equal time during morning and eveningN-Note the weight of every categories of animalO-Own herd to be raisedP-Pasture land to be allocatedQ-Quest for dairy knowledgeR-Rest to be followed for calving animalsS-Selection among … Continue reading A TO Z For Dairy Farming

How to overcome Emotional Contagion in the time of CO-VID 19

We have often heard this from our motivational as well as spiritual gurus that “everything begins with you “. I would like to quote Mahatma Gandhi here, “Be the change you wish to see in others”. In this time of pandemic, it becomes all the more essential, that we take charge of ourselves. Not just physically but also emotionally. We need to take charge of the situation and be responsible not only for ourselves but also others. Let’s first define emotional contagion! In layman’s language or the most simplest example of contagion that I can think of is the typical example … Continue reading How to overcome Emotional Contagion in the time of CO-VID 19

Technology is making us more alone!

Life will not be lonely, if we have hands to hold rather than mobile keys to play on. We present idyllic life, perfect pictures and perfect relationship on social media but emotional turmoil has no place on media. Technology is consuming 90% of our time. We all can relate with this situation, families on dinner, managers in business meet, couples on a date …..busy on their cell phone. “Respect the Buddha infront of you”, person infront of us should be more important than someone behind our mobile screens. According to a study by Mary Meeker, we touch our phone or … Continue reading Technology is making us more alone!

Priti Sharma's Pink Ribbon initiatives- Breast Cancer Awareness Drive

“Think 4 Pink by PS” Initiatives for “THE PINK RIBBON”– Breast Cancer Awareness Program Priti with her baby project- “Think 4 Pink by PS” has come up with her 5-Fold Strategy: As per the experts and doctors handling breast cancer cases in India, it has been noticed that the problem is compounded by incorrect beliefs, ideas and notions related to the treatment of Breast Cancer. Corporate Awareness Sessions for ladies, gentlemen and care-givers. Community Awareness Sessions for under-privileged girls and ladies Coffee-Meet with Cancer Diagnosed and Cancer Survivors, pan-India and global level Awareness Drive and meeting the cancer patients at … Continue reading Priti Sharma's Pink Ribbon initiatives- Breast Cancer Awareness Drive

Watch “#PritiSharma @Ramyaresort&spa” on YouTube

#pritisharma #founder #itrainplus is with #parthkhamesra #vp @ramyaresort&spa #udaipur Resort with thai balinese interiors and rajasthani hospitality. Have a glocal feel @Ramya Resort & Spa, Udaipur For Hotel Audits, HR & Training process consultancy, please reach out: Ramya Resort & Spa in Udaipur is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 45 mts drive from the airport, this resort is unique because of its glocal touch- thai/ balinese interiors with rajasthani hospitality. The first thing that catches one’s eye is their welcome porch called Namaskar which has a typical thai touch in terms of its decor … Continue reading Watch “#PritiSharma @Ramyaresort&spa” on YouTube

Was this Stress at Work?

Are we dealing with reputed company -amazon delivery men or goons who had come to deliver violence and animalistic behaviour in the complex. This particular incident makes us ponder at the underlying reasons. Is this stress at work? Is this pressing deadline? Is this fierce marketing or price competition? Or Is this something to do with aggression common with Delhites? Whatever may be the reason but can stress justify thrashing someone to an extent that the person bleeds profusely and has to be admitted to the hospital. These are the questions to be pondered upon? Continue reading Was this Stress at Work?